The Mighty Majesty & Closeness of God

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There is one verse in Psalm 139, the set psalm for today, that describes the extraordinary fact of the Christian faith.  We, humankind, are united to our creator God, in Jesus name, by the dynamic power of the Holy Spirit.

Where I to count them, they would outnumber the grains of sand. When I awake, I am still with you.

I often try reading the psalms imagining the thoughts, deep thoughts, of the writer. David is near the end of his life (assuming the psalms are chronological). He has experienced great things. He also knows the amazing forgiveness of God.  Psalm 139 is an amazing act of worship and praise – David perhaps humbly kneeling in awe and gratitude before God. We see that David worships to  God:

  • who knows everything about us
  • before we do
  • is outside time – having our past, future and present in mind
  • who is everywhere – height depth, across the sea, night and day
  • who saw us before we were born
  • who knows our life length…

and then this verse. The writer is lost in rapture at the wonder, excellence, priceless glory of God, greater than the greatest number on earth. Impossible to count…who is also right by our side…  When I awake (from sleep or rapture)

It is a mystery – a mystery worth pondering…

And in Jesus name we know also the hope of God – there is a  “certainty of Hope in the mystery of God”.


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