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Half a Lifetime ago I had my first paper published in School Science Review.  I was still a schoolteacher and it was a reflection on reflection (of sorts) on practice.  Some 35 years later, my second will shortly come out – more reflections: this time on science teaching and sustainability which draws on our work here with environmental science PGCE students.

The paper [ Science and the Sustainable Schools Initiative: opportunity and imperative ] explores the development of the sustainable schools initiative and examines the contribution that science teaching can make to this.  It draws on recent research in schools, and on development work in initial teacher education to argue that, in the absence of policy that enables schools to bring subject areas together, schools will have to take responsibility for this themselves and develop new ways of thinking about the focus and nature of science education given the scope this has for helping young people understand their world and what they can contribute to making it more sustainable.   It can be accessed at WS SSR 2010.

Posted in: New Publications


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