Collaborations for change

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EAUC, aka Future Imperfect, has a conference coming up on 'Collaborations for change – global goals for tomorrow's education, today'.  The conference theme, we're told,

"recognises the critical role academics, researchers, students, sustainability leaders and support staff in universities and colleges have to play in finding and implementing a solution to climate change, and realising the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with partnership working."

This is the usual breathless mouthful that we've come to know and love from EAUC over the years, but that's not what is most interesting about the promotion.  That, rather, is the artwork that accompanies it and which is a confection of the sort of cogs and belts you'd find in 19th century technology: the university as t' mill, no less.  There are colourful inputs and outputs galore, but nothing is connected and wheels will just go round and round getting nowhere.

Quite apt, some might say, for EAUC.  Whilst I know it's difficult to picture the 21st century – and sustainability – it surely has to be more Patrick Heron than Atkinson Grimshaw.


Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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