Remembering Sidney Morgenbesser

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I was reminded of Sidney Morgenbesser this morning.  He was the John Dewey Professor of Philosophy at Colombia and famous for pithy summaries.  A Times obituary said that he had the analytical acuity of Spinoza and the blunt wit of Groucho Marx.  On being asked to describe his job, he replied:  "You make a few distinctions. You clarify a few concepts. It’s a living."  Indeed.

It was Sussex's admirable philosopher, Kathleen Stock, who reminded me of Morgenbesser.  She was quoted in today's Times saying: "Concepts aren't umbrellas or shelters for whoever wants to come in – that's not what concepts do.  They're cognitive tools."  Indeed, again.

Stock was commenting on the egregiousness of Leicester University's take on International Womxn's Day.  Enough said.

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