mech project

  • What is Engineering?

    Authors: Katie Barraclough, Jamie Bayliss, Sammee Bhatti, Tom Binks and Andy Brooker (first year mechanical engineering students) Our departmental competition winning video: What is Engineering? Watch the video on Vimeo. The competition brief We were asked to create a short,...

  • Learn2Walk: a walking device for toddlers

    Daniel talks us through how he developed a walking device for toddlers. His product monitors and adjusts its speed to aid a child’s mobility and development.   Watch Daniel's student project video on Vimeo.

  • Redesigning a car door for better access

    Rasjad talks us through how he developed a door mechanism to help those with reduced mobility to use their cars.  

  • Heading Moonward

    What is the first thing that comes to ones' mind when you think of going to the moon? Reminiscent memories of the monstrous Saturn 5 rockets used to take the Apollo astronauts to our closest celestial neighbour perhaps? Or fantastical...

  • Video Production for your Student Project

    When people ask what I do, I say that I’m an engineer, completing the second year of my PhD. I work on control systems and simulation, and I want to go into the automotive industry. But in my spare time...

  • Developing a polypill machine for a district pharmacy

    Fay talks us through how she developed a machine that combines pills into a single dose to help patients take the correct medication and reduce hospital visits.  

  • Taking to the skies with Human Powered Aircraft

    Author: Lewis Rawlinson, leader of our Bath University Man Powered AirCraft (BUMPAC) team. In February 2015 seven Aerospace Engineering students were tasked to design a Human Powered Aircraft from scratch. The BUMPAC team designed an innovative aircraft with rigid lift...

  • The problem of comfort in prosthetics

    Author: Oscar Rovira (2nd year Integrated Mechanical & Electrical Engineering student). There are thousands of amputations per year in war-torn countries due to mines. The current process of multiple castings and weeks of testing for every individual prosthetic limb has...