RDS-SW welcomes it's newest member of staff - Dr Fiona Fox

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Dr Fiona Fox has recently been appointed as the Qualitative Research Consultant for the Bath branch of the Research Design Service South-West (RDS-SW)

She has 15 years experience of using qualitative methods in different settings, such as homes, hospitals and schools. During this time she has worked with a range of individuals and groups, including children and young people, parents, teachers and health care professionals. Developing innovative approaches to qualitative data collection in the online environment has been a particular focus of her work. Having designed, run and disseminated a number of independent research studies, she has also gained valuable experience through working within teams on large longitudinal projects and randomised controlled trials (RCTs).

Dr Fox's personal research interest has been in child and adolescent development, in particular the social and psychological aspects of appearance during adolescence. She has recently worked on projects exploring the health of doctors and adolescent mental health. She is particularly committed to the involvement of participants in the research process and aims to develop creative ways of participation.

Dr Fox is available to discuss the qualitative aspect of projects at any stage in their development: F.Fox@bath.ac.uk

Posted in: HealthResSW