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📥  Event Review

This event on copyright was very well attended by staff from all areas of the University, and was presented by:
Lisa Slater – Solicitor, Legal Office
Caroline Brooks – Abel & Imray (Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys)
Simon Clegg – Battens Solicitors
Hannah South – Head of Library Academic Services
Claire Tylee – Bibliographic Services Librarian
Rob Hyde – Audio Visual Service Manager

There is soon to be a recording of the event available to watch

Lisa Slater began by introducing the context of this event. Copyright at the University needs to be paid more attention with the ever increasing use of technology (to access, use, store and publish ‘works’), as well as the confusion between content which is in the public domain and content which is publically available.

The University has a Revised IP policy which has largely been brought on by the increasing use of lecture capture, and the event followed by raising awareness of the importance of copyright & support available around campus.



LITEbox event: Copyright


📥  LITEbox Event

Date: Tuesday 26th April 2016
Time: 2.15pm - 3.05pm
Venue: CB 1.12

Please confirm attendance by emailing

During and after the Technology Panel Debate last semester, there was a keen interest from staff to know more about copyright.

In April, Lisa Slater, Legal Adviser from the Office of the University Secretary, will be joined by Caroline Brooks from Abel & Imray, and Simon Clegg from Battens Solicitors who will present a talk on copyright issues for all staff on campus.

The session will cover the following topics:

  • Copyright essentials: trademark basics; what attracts copyright; how long copyright lasts; and when you can use other people's work
  • Using different media for teaching & research, including Box of Broadcasts, and YouTube in lectures
  • Support that the library can offer, by Claire Tylee and Hannah South
  • Question & answer session with the audience to the above presenters, plus Rob Hyde, Service Manager, Audio Visual.

If you have any specific copyright questions which you know about now, please include them in your email RSVP and we will try to ensure these topics are covered in the session.

The Office of the University Secretary has recently released new information on copyright, please have a look to find out more information.

Sign up for this session now to reserve yourself a space, as places are limited for this talk on such a hot topic.