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Pedro Estrela visits Ribeirao Preto

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Pedro Estrela visited the University of São Paulo (USP) as part of an exchange scheme funded by the University of Bath and FAPESP (SPRINT programme).

The visit to the campus in Ribeirão Preto was very useful to interact with the members of the group of Prof Mulato as well as visit the facilities and learn about the spread of research being done at USP Ribeirão Preto.

The visit was followed by attendance at the Brazilian Materials Research Society conference in Campinas where Dr Estrela had an invited talk. The conference enabled to establish further links with Brazilian researchers which can lead to future collaborations.


Biosensors book edited by Pedro Estrela

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Book "Biosensor Technologies for Detection of Biomolecules", edited by Pedro Estrela is published by Portland Press as a special volume of the journal Essays in Biochemistry.


3 of the chapters are co-authored by members of the group:

Chapter 1 - Introduction to biosensors
Nikhil Bhalla, Pawan Jolly, Nello Formisano, Pedro Estrela
Essays is Biochemistry 60 (2016) 1-8

Chapter 4 - Oligonucleotide-based systems: DNA, microRNAs, DNA/RNA aptamers
Pawan Jolly, Pedro Estrela, Michael Ladomery
Essays in Biochemistry 60 (2016) 27-36

Chapter 8 - Electrochemical biosensors and nanobiosensors
Jules L. Hammond, Nello Formisano, Pedro Estrela, Sandro Carrara, Jan Tkac
Essays in Biochemistry 60 (2016) 69-80