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Biosensors book edited by Pedro Estrela

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Book "Biosensor Technologies for Detection of Biomolecules", edited by Pedro Estrela is published by Portland Press as a special volume of the journal Essays in Biochemistry.


3 of the chapters are co-authored by members of the group:

Chapter 1 - Introduction to biosensors
Nikhil Bhalla, Pawan Jolly, Nello Formisano, Pedro Estrela
Essays is Biochemistry 60 (2016) 1-8

Chapter 4 - Oligonucleotide-based systems: DNA, microRNAs, DNA/RNA aptamers
Pawan Jolly, Pedro Estrela, Michael Ladomery
Essays in Biochemistry 60 (2016) 27-36

Chapter 8 - Electrochemical biosensors and nanobiosensors
Jules L. Hammond, Nello Formisano, Pedro Estrela, Sandro Carrara, Jan Tkac
Essays in Biochemistry 60 (2016) 69-80


Jahnavi Jha joins the group

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Jahnavi Jha joins the group as a PhD student with an University Research Studentship.

Project: “Multiplexed biosensors for drug discovery applications”


5 papers to be presented at Biosensors 2016

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5 papers from the group have been accepted at the World Congress on Biosensors 2016, 25-27 May 2016, Gothenburg, Sweden:

  • N. Formisano, N. Bhalla, M. Heeran, J. Reyes Martinez, M. Laabei, P. Jolly, C.R. Bowen, J.T. Taylor, S. Flitsch, P. Estrela: "Inexpensive and fast pathogenic bacteria screening using field-effect transistors"
  • P. Jolly, P. Damborsky, N. Madaboosi, R.R.G. Soares, J. Katrlik, V. Chu, J.P. Conde, P. Estrela: "Novel DNA aptamer-based sandwich microfluidic assays for dual quantification and multi-glycan profiling of prostate cancer biomarkers"
  • P. Zhurauski, P. Jolly, S. Liébana, T. Bertok, G.A. Drago, J. Tkac, P. Estrela: "Self-assembled aptamer modified redox activated gold nanoparticles for cancer biomarker detection"
  • P. Zhurauski, A. Miodek, P. Jolly, N. Bhalla, P. Estrela: "Detection of prostate specific antigen by localized surface plasmon resonance of polyethylene glycol coated gold nanoparticles on glass substrates"
  • Z. Yang, E. Castrignanò, M. Madel, M.R. Meyer, C.G. Frost, B. Kasprzyk-Hordern, P. Estrela: "Community sewage sensors for evaluation of illicit drug use trends by wastewater-based epidemiology" [Oral]


Cocaine sensor paper in Scientific Reports

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Z Yang, E Castrignanò, P Estrela, CG Frost, B Kasprzyk-Hordern: "Community Sewage Sensors towards Evaluation of Drug Use Trends: Detection of Cocaine in Wastewater with DNA-Directed Immobilization Aptamer Sensors", Scientific Reports, in press