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Aptasensor paper accepted in Sensors

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A. Miodek, E.M. Regan, N. Bhalla, N.A.E. Hopkins, S.A. Goodchild, P. Estrela: "Optimisation and characterisation of anti-fouling ternary SAM layers for impedance-based aptasensors", Sensors 15 (2015) 25015-25032 (Featured Article in the Special Issue "Electrochemical Sensors and Biosensors: From Bench-Top to Point-of-Care")


Funding for staff visits to/from Sao Paulo

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A new research collaboration with Prof Marcelo Mulato at the University of São Paulo (campus Ribeirão Preto) received funding from FAPESP (São Paulo State Research Foundation) and the University of Bath for exchange of researchers through the SPRINT programme (São Paulo Researchers in International Collaboration).

Several visits from Prof Mulato to Bath and from Dr Estrela to Ribeirão Preto are planned during the next 2 years to develop a collaboration programme on the development of novel biosensor devices for improved cancer diagnosis.