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7 papers to be presented at Int Conf Bio-Sensing Technology 2015

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1 oral communication and 6 posters accepted for presentation at the 4th International Conference on Bio-Sensing Technology, 10-13 May 2015, Lisbon, Portugal

  • P. Jolly, L.C.C. Wong, P. Estrela: "An electrochemical biosensor platform for the sensitive detection of miRNAs" (Oral - O.11)
  • P. Jolly, P. Damborsky, N. Madaboosi, R.R.G. Soares, J. Katrlik, V. Chu, J.P. Conde, P. Estrela: "Development of novel DNA aptamer-based sandwich microfluidic assays for quantification and glycoprofiling of prostate specific antigen" (P1.097)
  • N. Bhalla, S. Pathak, C.R. Bowen, J.T. Taylor, M.D. Lorenzo, G. Pula, P. Estrela: "Field-effect devices for kinase drug discovery" (P2.134)
  • L.C.C. Wong, S. Pathak, T. Østerbye, S. Buus, C.R. Bowen, J.T. Taylor, P. Estrela: "Multichannel open circuit potential biosensors: towards peptide microarrays" (P2.054)
  • N. Formisano, N. Bhalla, C. Wong, P. Estrela: “Multi-mode electrochemical biosensing for kinase drug discovery applications using ferrocene crowned nanoparticles” (P1.143)
  • Z. Yang, M.A. d’Auriac, S. Goggins, B. Kasprzyk-Hordern, K.V. Thomas, C.G. Frost, P. Estrela: "A novel ferrocenyl intercalator based electrochemical biosensor for the detection of human-specific mitochondrial DNA in wastewater: identification of potential population biomarker for public health" (P1.063)
  • V. Tamboli, P. Jolly, J.L. Bowen, P. Estrela, C.J. Allender: "Development of a novel Capacitive MIP-Aptasensor for PSA Detection" (P1.038)


Pedro Estrela, Pawan Jolly and Nello Formisano will be at the conference.

Nello received funding from the Royal Society of Chemistry and the University of Bath (Alumni Fund Travel Bursary) to attend the conference.


5 new final year project students in the group

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New final year project students in the group:

o Adam Anker (BEng): “Printed field-effect transistors for biosensing applications”

o Yousef Chahien (BEng): “Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy studies for drug discovery applications”

o Leroy Grob (MEng): “Miniaturised potentiostat for electrochemical biosensing”

o Jawad Irfan (MEng): “Modelling the electrode/electrolyte interface for biosensors”

o Yui Sam Lo (MEng): “Light addressable potentiometric biosensors”