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Updates from the Biosensor Research Laboratory

5 new final year project students in the group

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New final year project students in the group:

o Adam Anker (BEng): “Printed field-effect transistors for biosensing applications”

o Yousef Chahien (BEng): “Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy studies for drug discovery applications”

o Leroy Grob (MEng): “Miniaturised potentiostat for electrochemical biosensing”

o Jawad Irfan (MEng): “Modelling the electrode/electrolyte interface for biosensors”

o Yui Sam Lo (MEng): “Light addressable potentiometric biosensors”



Invited talk and poster at European urological research conference

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Pedro Estrela gave the invited talk "Novel biosensors for prostate cancer diagnosis: The Marie Curie Initial training Network PROSENSE" at the 22nd Meeting of the EAU Section of Urological Research (ESUR 2014), held in Glasgow, UK on 9-11 October 2014

Pawan Jolly also presented the poster P. Jolly, N. Formisano, S.D. Rafiee, N. Bhalla, A. Miodek, R. Dondi, D.K. Yang, L.C. Chen, P. Kasak, J. Tkac, M.D. Lloyd, I. Eggleston, P. Estrela: "DNA aptamer-based approaches for detection of multiple prostate cancer biomarkers"