ChallengeCPD Advisory Group meeting - back to basics

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We had our first ChallengeCPD Advisory Group meeting on 8 November. What a great start to our project! I've come away with so much to think about. Some of which I've been able to implement already, some of which are things that will take time to settle.

I loved that we went right back to basics.

Q: What is our ultimate goal?

A: To make public engagement with research better.

Q: Is CPD the right response to this end?

A: IDK! It is, right? Maybe not?


We also discussed some of the hidden drivers for this that might be skewing our work. Most notably the discrepancy in Factors Affecting Public Engagement which highlighted the discrepancies between those wanting training, those getting it, and those finding value from it. What do we really care about: better PER, or better reporting?

I was also reminded that professional development is about the individual and their development, not about the interventions that we put in place and trying to evidence the impact of them.

Finally, we need to get PER CPD to places where people go for professional development and advice. We can't expect people to come to us all the time. We know that the people we work with through the PEU are people who are generally predisposed towards PER. If we want to reach beyond (and we do) then we have to get around a bit. We do that to some extent for example through the Bath Course and the Prize Fellows, and we explored it a little with our guides for supervisors, but we can definitely do more.

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