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Changes to the Research Data Email Helpdesk


For many years, we have providing email support to our researchers on research data matters using our shared 'research-data' email address. Don't worry, that won't be going away any time soon, but the way we handle the messages that come in is changing.

If you have contacted us at all over the past few years, you may have noticed that emails we send you have 'via RT' in the sender line, and a link to at the bottom. That is because we have been using a system called RT to handle the messages. On 1 December, we will switch from using RT to using TOPdesk, which is the same system used by Computing Services. This means that the messages you get back from us will look slightly different, and you will get some automated messages in addition to the ones we send you personally.

Some of the conversations we've been having through RT are still ongoing, so we will migrate these into the new system. If you are involved in one of these conversations, you will get a new message from TOPdesk telling you that your call has been logged. Don't be alarmed by this! The subject line will tell you which of your previous messages it refers to. If you want to continue the conversation, please reply to the new TOPdesk message rather than the old RT one, otherwise we won't be able to keep track of the context.

Going forward, TOPdesk will allow us to provide more ways of getting in touch, so do look out for that. In the meantime, it will be business as usual, but please don't be concerned by the new style of messages you receive from us, and bear with us while we get used to them too!


Research Data Archive 'mints' its 100th DOI


The University of Bath Research Data Archive is celebrating its 100th DOI!

Since launching in 2015, the Archive has made more than 100 datasets available.  We create Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) for our datasets.  This makes them citable in the long term. You can read more about the 100th DOI in the rest of this post, and there is an update on the Research Data Archive at its 21 month anniversary on another post on this blog.



Workshop report: Research Data Management Forum (RDMF) #15

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The 15th Research Data Management Forum (RDMF15) was held in London on 27th April 2016, hosted by the Digital Curation Centre (DCC),. I went along to see how what we do here in Research Data compares to what other universities are offering, and to learn about recent developments in policy, including a draft Concordat on Open Research Data. The meeting was titled “The Compliance of Science? Data Policies, Expectations and Concordat”; which sounded promising - the all-important question mark perhaps recognising that science, and certainly scientists, is not traditionally associated with the dutiful quiescence implied by compliance! (more…)


'Show me the money…', a new post on Cambridge’s Unlocking Research blog

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This recent blog post from the University of Cambridge gives a valuable insight into how Cambridge is looking to support their researchers in Data Sharing and shows how much planning and strategic thought is involved. At Cambridge, the issue needed the consultation and involvement of many administrative staff (over 100!), academics and researchers; as well as important external stakeholders such as the Research Councils and Research Charities (like the Wellcome Trust and CRUK). (more…)