The Research Data Archive at 21 [months] - an infographic


As the University of Bath's Research Data Archive has minted its 100th DOI, and also reached that important 21 (month!) anniversary, we've updated our infographic to give basic info about the archive and how it's being used.

You can view the infographic by clicking on this thumbnail, and the highlights are set out below.


100+ records: a milestone!

After 21 months of operation, the Archive now contains over 100 records (at least one more DOI has been minted in between preparing the infographic and this blog post!). The Archive also has 'stub' records linking to over 20 datasets authored by University of Bath researchers but hosted elsewhere, and has around 40 records in preparation, some pending publication of a journal article. The number of records in the Archive is steadily increasing over time.


The volume of data in the Archive has recently exceeded 100GB and is rapidly approaching 1TB. The graphic below shows, on a log y-axis, that the Archive grew from around 1GB in July 2016 to 10GB in July 2017,and reached over 100GB in December 2017. We're gonna need a bigger bucket! Fortunately the Archive is built on robust,secure and scalable technology that can grow with the data archiving needs of our researchers.


Research linked to many funding sources, focused on Engineering and Physical Sciences

Funders linked to the research being published in the Archive are predominantly the UK Research Councils, especially EPSRC, but there is also research funded by the University of Bath and by other academic partners, by UK Government, the EU and non-UK Governments, and by charities and commercial partners.


A university-wide resource, supporting all of our the research community

Finally, the researchers using the Archive come from many of the University's departments and research centres; including the departments of Chemistry, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Physics and Health, and centres including the Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies (CSCT), Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Water Innovation and Research Centre (WIRC) and our Institute for Policy Research (IPR). The graphic below lists only those departments and centres with more than 5 links to  records in the Archive, for reasons of space, and over 50 different departments, centres and institutes have links to records in the Archive. The wide scope and variety of the research being deposited in the Archive reflects our role as an institutional repository, rather than a discipline-specific archive.


Get in touch!

For advice or support on Research Data Management or on using the Research Data Archive, please get in touch: email, visit, or pop in to Library room 4.10.


Data notes: Data shown in figures is number of records (all types) as of Dec 2016. Line graph shows numbers of datasets with DOIs and gigabytes of archived data (1GB=1000MB) from March 2015-Dec 2016. Pie charts show funding sources. Records can be linked to multiple projects, researchers, departments or centres, and funders so totals from graphics can exceed the total number of records.



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