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Improving the drinking water situation in Mexico

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📥  Water supply from source to tap

The following post was contributed by Dr. Jannis Wenk, a Lecturer in Water Science and Engineering in the Department of Chemical Engineering.

From Friday September 1st to Thursday September 7th 2017 a delegation from WIRC @ Bath consisting of Dr Mirella Di Lorenzo, Dr Jannis Wenk and research assistant Claire Edward-Collins travelled to Mexico to explore the situation of drinking water supply in informal settlements in the peripheral region of Mexico City.

The trip was a central component of MAPwater, a 10-month research project funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng), led by Dr Di Lorenzo. During the 6-day stay of the team, meetings were held with local NGOs to gain a better understanding of their activities in the area of water safety and security for supply of underprivileged communities in rural and semi-urban Mexico, as well as to develop further research and education approaches. Together with the NGO Fomento Mexicano, the team visited the rural settlement of Llano Grand in the wider vicinity of Mexico City. The settlement was chosen as a case study area because of the existing issues with water supply and the close contacts of Fomento Mexicano with the community.