WDCA (Women Can Do Anything) - WESBath's visit to Weston Village Guides

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One evening in early December five WESBath members visited the Weston Village Guides to tell them all about engineering.

The Weston Village Guides made towers in small groups

We chatted to a group of about 25 guides and then gave them all the task of building towers, capable of supporting a glass flask of water. As they planned, designed and then built their towers, we helped them out and explained some of the basic engineering principles behind the straw structures.

WESBath students supported the Guides to build a successful straw tower

The winning team, the WCDA (Women Can Do Anything) team, built a great structure in record time – we loved the team name too!

The winning tower

One of the girls approached us in the end and told us she wants to become an engineer to help people and that made my day!

Leen Jabban 3rd Year MEng Integrated Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

Posted in: Events, Outreach


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