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Women In Engineering Society (WES) - newly-found at the University of Bath

WES Conference 2014 - Susan Lattanzio - a PGR view

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Just wanted to share my experience at the November 2014 WES Conference with you all. As a recent recruit to the engineering field (my first degree is in Environmental Science), I was interested in joining the ‘community’ and making some contacts.  The WES Conference was an excellent forum for this with many early / mid career engineers attending, and inspirational engineers speaking.  The format of the event meant that Friday dinner gave me an excellent opportunity to mingle, and exchange LinkedIn contact details.  So, as a networking opportunity, I would definitely recommend attending! However, although my main purpose was to make contacts, I actually came away from the Conference having gained a lot more than that.  WES recognises that to become a ‘great engineer’ requires more than just engineering ability; you need to be able to communicate, think critically, and have confidence in your abilities and what you offer to a project or organisation.  To support this, the Conference offered seminars by business leaders and management specialists that gave additional skills and challenged your way of thinking by providing new ideas and perspectives. In summary then: Was the WES Conference worth attending? Absolutely, I’ll be putting my name down for next year!


The first Whorrod Inspirational Engineering Christmas Event

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Jenny Cane and WESBath Committee

Jenny Cane, speaker at the 2014 WESBath Christmas lecture with the WESBath Committee

Ever wondered where your engineering future could take you?

The student Women's Engineering Society (WES) were honoured to host the first Whorrod Inspirational Engineering Christmas Event at the University of Bath, including a lecture delivered by the inspirational Jenny Cane. The WES committee owe many thanks and would not have formed without the amazing support of Roger and Sue Whorrod, whom also attended the event along with Sarah Stead and Irene Turner who coordinated the whole event, Dawn Bonfield, a University of Bath alumni who is the current President of the national Women’s Engineering Society, the Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor Kevin Edge, the University Secretary Mr Mark Humphriss, the Dean of the Faculty of Design and Engineering Professor Gary Hawley and other senior members of academic staff. We initiated the event with a buffet lunch for our senior guests and then proceeded to the lecture theatre to listen to Jenny Cane's incredible life story. Jenny Cane has undoubtedly experienced a diverse and exciting career since her MEng in Aerospace Engineer at the University of Bath. Jenny then went on to study for a PhD in Aerodynamics & Heat Transfer at Oxford University. It was Jenny’s predominant intrigue in climate change and renewable energy which then lead her to utilise her engineering skills in a career with the world’s largest manufacturer of wind turbines – Vestas. Following on from this, Jenny then went on to specialise in Nuclear Fusion as a renewable source of energy, at the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE). During the lecture, we were able to hear of Fusion and the many benefits it entails: no carbon emissions, creates no long term nuclear waste, uses an abundant fuel source and is intrinsically safe, all ideal for an increasingly energy and sustainability conscious world. Not only has Jenny succeeded in what would be regarded as an extremely respectable and remarkable career, she also highlighted her aspiration and confidence to succeed in whatever her heart desired, regardless of being a female engineer within a male-dominated environment. After the lecture, guests were then lead on to the 4E e-lounge to network with each other over some festive treats. Pictures to follow soon...


WES Conference 2014 - Leen Jabban's experience.

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Members of WESBath at the WES Conference 2014

Members of WESBath at the WES Conference 2014

Attending the 6th annual WES conference was such a great opportunity given to me and 15 other Engineering & Design students from the University of Bath, including four of us from Elec Eng. The conference started with some inspirational talks which really warmed us up and made us feel more excited about the next day and about making a change in this world in general. The day was ended with a delicious dinner and some fun activities. The next day, we got to choose which 3 sessions to go to. One session that I found special was "Personal Presence: Communicating with impact." We got some valuable tips on how to seem more confident in meetings and interviews which is a very important thing for us to succeed in our careers.

Between the sessions we got to practice our networking skills and I even got the contact details of a person working in a company I would love to work in during my year long placement! I must admit that was really exciting. To sum it up, I think those two days were extremely beneficial and enjoyable and I would suggest that all female students should try attending one of the conferences during their 3/4 years of study.

Leen Jabban, 1st Year IMEE

WESBath arriving at WES conference

WESBath arriving at WES conference



Speaking at the WES Conference 2014

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Mendy Mombeshora speaking at the WES Conference

Mendy Mombeshora speaking at the WES Conference

On the 15th of November, 150 female students and 50 engineers (of both genders!) from across the UK converged to celebrate their shared passion of engineering and technology at Aston University during the sixth annual WES Student conference. Second only to the hosts, with 16 delegates, the University of Bath had a strong presence at the conference. This was partly thanks to the various departments in the Faculty of Engineering and Design that matched the sponsorships that were being awarded by WES Bath student group.
With ‘Engineering Inspiration’ as its motto, the conference aimed to create a dynamic environment that fosters career confidence amongst the attendees. This was accomplished through a number of panel discussions, talks and workshops that covered resources that every aspiring engineer needs in their toolkit, from roles models to career-life balancing strategies and self-awareness skills. Spanning across a number of different engineering sectors, corporations in attendance included Arup, Selex, PG and JLR to mention but a few. Not only did they advertise various opportunities available within their organisations, but they also supplied a number of early/mid career female engineers to share their experiences and provide insight into what it means to be a woman in engineering.
As one of the first student groups to be officially affiliated with WES, the WES Bath student group was given the opportunity to share the story of its journey as a means of inspiring other students to follow suit. The group chair, Mendy Mombeshora, gave a well-received talk that covered everything from the group’s inception to the activities that it has conducted so far. Following that, both the Mendy and the group secretary, Charlotte Thomas, were invited to attend a working group that featured members from other current and prospective student groups. The group was convened to discuss how WES could support student groups, the future students envisaged for affiliated groups and to provide a platform that allowed various groups to network and share their experiences.
Overall the conference proved to be a success for the University of Bath delegation, with individual students getting the opportunity to network and gain insights into their future careers and the WES Bath group forming links with other student groups from across the country and hopefully inspiring other students to form their own groups.

Mendy Mombeshora

Chair of Student Women's Engineering Society, Bath


Female STEM Careers Reception Event - Arup, Dyson, Schlumberger and Shell

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Monday evening we had the honour of representing WES at the Female STEM Careers reception event, taking place in the Claverton Rooms at the University. With the likes of Arup, Dyson, Schlumberger and Shell at the cross-industry reception, we were able to hear from each company about their experiences in the industry from a female's perspective; whether you were to consider raising a family, travelling the world for career prospects or looking to change department in your job. To hear at first hand some of the most inspirational and enlightening stories, it outlined the many possibilities and opportunities for women in STEM related careers. The evening then concluded with a chance to network with the recruiters and representatives of each company, to ask any further questions and find out more about their year industrial placements, internships and graduate schemes.


TARGET jobs Future Female Engineers 2014 at Atkins, Bristol

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Future female engineers
Last Friday I was very lucky to have attended TARGET jobs' Future Female Engineers 2014 event at the Atkins office in Bristol. TARGET jobs also supply events such as ITs not just for the boys, which are based upon a female-only attendance. These events are set up to provide female engineers (or any science related degrees) with the opportunity to network with like-minded female students and professionals in the industry. The TARGET jobs gained event partnership with some of the most prominent companies in the science and engineering sector, giving guests the chance to finally put their foot in the door and work their magic. These companies ranged from Atkins, Aecom, Laing O'Rourke, Babcock, EDF Energy, BAE Systems, National Grid, NPS Group, Cummins  to DSTL.

To attend the event was not a case of signing up and making your own way there. The event was exclusive, which entailed guests to have a phone interview before hand and subsequently offered a place if they met the general requirements. Food and travel was all taken care of – I certainly felt very looked after for the day! The day consisted of key speakers such as Sarah Cruddas, key journalist in science and technology, and Kate Martin, a chartered mechanical engineer at Atkins. This was followed by a team challenge, skills sessions (the chance  to meet the recruiters and hear their do’s and don’t’s of an application / interview), insider insights, a panel Q and A with leading professionals and finally a drinks networking reception to conclude the event. We were given so many opportunities with our potential employers and recruiters - always make sure you put yourself forward and take down any names or business cards!

Overall the day was so well conducted and organised! I would recommend anyone to apply - if the opportunity arises, grab it! As anyone would, I always feel apprehensive with any phone interview, but it was not at all daunting. Since the event, I have already received emails from recruiters - as such I have gained so much out of Future Female Engineers!


WES at University Open Day

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For those who haven’t heard about the group, the University of Bath WES is an affiliate group of the Women in Engineering Society (WES). The student group has just launched in the University of Bath with the main aim of encouraging young girls in school to explore the idea of studying engineering at university, as engineering is perceived to be a heavily male-dominated discipline.

Our first official event was an awareness appearance at the University Open Day on the 13th of September 2014. This was a huge success and the we really enjoyed chatting to the many potential students and their parents about our experiences as female engineering students (undergraduates and postgraduates). We also gave away some memorable University of Bath WES souvenirs as well as literature to help inspire many young girls thinking about a career in engineering, and those who are currently unsure. We hope to be able to encourage girls into studying engineering and dispel any myths about engineering being solely for the guys!

Kemi Lawal


National Women in Engineering Day

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On 23 June 2014, Britain celebrated its very first national Women in Engineering Day promoted by the Women’s Engineering Society (WES). The society has been active for the past 95 years, created to encourage young girls to choose engineering as a career. As a second year Mechanical Engineering student, I was lucky enough to attend.

There were presentations from Dr Irene Turner, University of Bath, Dame Sue Ion, Chair of NIRAB and Dr Peter Bonfield, Chief Executive of BRE Group.  The presentations were followed by a question and answer session, in which many issues were raised regarding the lack of knowledge among young girls about engineering.  Following the Q & A session, all event organisers, speakers and guests were thanked by Irene for their cooperation.

The event was followed by a networking session where guests were provided with food and drinks. This session allowed a more relaxed environment to chat with speakers and other engineers in the audience.

It is clear that the engineering industry needs to have more balance between genders. With some companies having less than ten per cent female employees, change is inevitable. The Women’s Engineering Society is trying to close the gap between genders and prove that girls are as capable in this industry as boys. With enough motivation and drive, this movement will result in great changes and soon we will see growing number of girls choosing engineering as a career.

Mehrnaz Tajmir