International Women's Day 2022

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Happy International Women's Day! IWD is an important celebration of women and a reminder of the discrimination that is still faced by many. Here at WESBath we wanted to celebrate with you by spotlighting some of the work of female staff within the faculty of engineering. Read below to find out about some of the amazing women in the faculty!

Sarah Crew - Senior Analytical Technician
What you work on: Provide training and support on departmental analytical equipment to researchers and other users of the Chemical Engineering department
Something you're excited about: Our new analytical facility opening later this year
Anything to add: Several department users from other universities have commented how uncommon it is to have so many women on a technical team and how inspirational it is to see. We are a team of eight, seven of us are women.

Sarah Crew - Senior Analytical Technician

Florence Richardson - 3D Printing and Laser Cutting Technician
What you work on: Design and production of prototyped 3D printed and laser cut parts to students and researchers, as well as providing teaching, workshop and project support across the Department of Mechanical Engineering
Proudest Achievement: Aiding in the development of a breast cancer-detecting robot, through designing a laser cut surgical robotic 'arm'
Something you're excited about: Seeing our final year undergraduate student's final year project show after supporting their many exciting proposals!
Anything to add: As well as my role as a technician, I graduated from art school in 2019 and also work as a filmmaker and digital designer. I love being able to apply my skills to both science and arts fields, and feel that it's so important to trust your capabilities beyond your comfort zone!

Florence Richardson - 3D Printing and Laser Cutting Technician

Dr Melusine Pigeon- Lecturer
What you work on: Teaching Engineering Design
Proudest Achievement: For one of my students to win an International prize last year
Something you're excited about: To get to know the amazing women of the University of Bath

Dr Melusine Pigeon- Lecturer (Departrment of Electronic & Electrical Engineering)

Jess Westlake - PhD Student (Chemical Engineering)
What you work on: Active, biodegradable food packaging
Proudest Achievement: MChem First class in Chemistry degree, achieving my PhD place, National-level swimming events
Something you're excited about: Developing my research making biodegradable bioplastic films, visiting other labs for expertise and learning more about sustainable academic research.
Anything to add: I am part of the chemical engineering EDI committee and the swimming society committee. I used to swim competitively (nationals, BUCS), looking to compete again soon.

Jess Westlake - PhD Student (Chemical Engineering)
Sarah Hindson- Analytical Technician - Manager of the Analytical Facility
What you work on: I work as an Analytical Technician and manage the 9W Analytical Facility; this consists of over 20 instruments. In this role I have implemented a set maintenance regime that all the technicians follow, created user guides and other supporting documentation and also created a new Moodle Page for the facility.
Proudest Achievement: I am in the final year of my PhD at the University in the Department of Biochemistry. I study my PhD full-time, alongside working part-time as a technician in Chemical Engineering. I am proud that I am able to manage both roles simultaneously. Moreover, I have been promoted to the Manager of the 9W Analytical Facility in the 18 months that I have been working as a technician at the University.
Something you're excited about: Working as a technician with these instruments has been really enjoyable for me. I really like learning new instruments and teaching other researchers. It has helped me decide what career I would like to pursue when I come to the end of my PhD! I am definitely interested in a role where I can work with more analytical instruments and interact with the users.

Sarah Hindson- Analytical Technician - Manager of the Analytical Facility

Juliana Calabria-Holley - Lecturer (Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering)

What you work on: I am a lecturer in the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering. My main research interests lay with nanotechnology applied to innovative low carbon construction materials.
Proudest Achievement: I thought about this question for a long time. What could it be? What am I most proud of? But before I do that, I feel I need to give some context about my background. I am originally an Architect by training who fell in love with materials science and engineering. As a newly graduated architect, I thought it would be impossible for me to venture into the world of science and engineering.  Therefore on a personal level, my proudest achievement was to have obtained my PhD in Materials Science and Engineering while I was acting as a Lead Architect. It was an incredible journey! A wholesome, enabling experience. On a professional level, my proudest achievements have to be nurturing and developing talents.
Something you're excited about: I love research and solving problems! I like the buzz of a research challenge!! Especially, it excites me to know that the research we do here at the Centre for Innovative Construction Materials (CICM) at the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering can change the outlook of the construction industry to actively address the climate emergency. Although challenging times can be distressing, they also bring opportunities, and when that happens, we have the chance to make a real difference. I am also excited about how seriously we take sustainability in our faculty and how we embed that in our teaching, empowering our students with the knowledge and values to deliver a better future for us all.
Anything to add: I am originally from Brazil, I have an incredible 7-year-old daughter and a beautiful family that I am very grateful for. If you asked me why engineering, in a few words, I can say it was because it gave me the freedom to be creative and tools to solve complex challenges. In a nutshell, having a background in architecture and engineering helps me see the complementary nature of the two disciplines rather than their rivalry. Therefore, I would like to borrow the words of Ted Happold, ‘A world which sees art and engineering as divided is not seeing the world as a whole.’

Dr Juliana Calabria-Holley - Lecturer (Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering)

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