Effective presentations checklist

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Here is a useful checklist to help you prepare an effective and successful presentation.



  • Start early
  • What are your aims?
  • What is the focus of your presentation?
  • Less can be more
  • What visual aids will you use and why?
  • Put yourself in your audience's shoes- who are they? How does this impact on content, style, approach? Why is your topic important (to them)?


  • Start working on structure (Intro, main body topics, conclusion)
  • Check logical flow and links between ideas - and flow between team members
  • Who is doing what ( group presentation) - Work as a team - meet regularly, share ideas, problem solve together
  • Set achievable deadlines and targets
  • Write a good introduction - you need to grab attention right away
  • Think of a hook - (e.g. ask a question, a fascinating fact, a relevant and short anecdote or story, highlight an important issue)
  • Write a good ending - Recap, Summarise and Conclude
  • Work on your visuals - keep them simple - images and headings / key words only, check spelling and grammar (DON'T READ OUT THE INFO ON YOUR SLIDES)
  • Predict questions and how you will answer them
  • Check pronunciation of technical/difficult vocabulary
  • Consider the 'what ifs' - What if the technology fails? What if a team member is ill on the day? What if I get stage fright?
  • Check out the presentation room beforehand ( if you can) - for layout, technology, and to familiarise yourself with the environment
  • Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse - Record mock presentations on your phone, ask friends and/or class members  to be your audience

3. PRESENTATION ( & how to develop confidence)

  • Prepare  first line and last line ( But don't memorise whole presentation like a script)
  • Practise your delivery - eye contact, body language (what are you doing with your hands and feet?), pace, pauses between sentences, intonation, speak slowly and clearly,  chunk ideas together - allow your audience time to consider complex ideas.



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