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As we embark on a new semester, I want to share the latest DDaT Evolution project developments and outline 2024 activities as these are key contributors to enabling the University to deliver its strategic goals.

Re-balancing DDaT services to deliver new data and technology projects   

By the end of last year, DDaT Evolution had delivered a rigorous approach to prioritising new technology projects – and our new industry standard project management methodologies ensure IT project proposals are assessed thoroughly and allocated enough resources for on-time delivery.

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Following UEB’s approval of the DDaT Evolution business case, we went through a formal staff consultation on restructuring DDaT roles, as explained in my university staff email on 21 November 2023. The DDaT Leadership Team has carefully considered the numerous feedback and counterproposals we received, and the restructuring proposal was adjusted where feasible before being ratified by UEB at the end of last year.

DDaT is now in the process of transitioning to a new structure, which will support changes to our support and service operations for the future good of the University. This is a gradual process which will be completed by late Spring.

I am acutely aware that it has been, and continues to be, a very challenging time for our people and I want to recognise their considerable professionalism and commitment to supporting students and staff despite significant turbulence and personal uncertainty.

Changes to our IT and AV Support

As requested by UEB, the new DDaT structure will rebalance resources to create a combined and university-wide IT & AV Standardised Support Team.

We are also strengthening self-serve user support and automation options which will give staff and students quicker and easier access to DDaT services. Alongside this we are creating a Specialised Support team to improve support provisions for research and specialised technology.

Re-balancing DDaT services will enable increased focus on vital new data and technology projects.


Further DDaT service changes to come

In addition to the forthcoming services changes I have outlined, we have also started a comprehensive review and redesign of the wider services DDaT provide to the University.

The first wave of this service review will be completed by April 2024 and involve Support Services, Business Engagement and Technical Architecture. Adjusting DDaT services will be a difficult balancing exercise that has to be made within the fixed parameters of our operating budget and in line with our clear direction from UEB.

We are launching a ‘DDaT service changes’ campaign page on the University website in February so you can keep up to date on specific service adjustments and new ways of accessing DDaT services.

DDaT is committed to facilitating excellent digital, data, and technology services to meet the future strategic needs of the University. I welcome your thoughts and suggestions as DDaT transitions over the coming months and you can contact me at

Chris Youles

Chief Information and Digital Officer


Posted in: DDaT Evolution, Digital transformation, Digital Transformation Programme

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