Department GTA Support: Computer Science

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This case study from Computer Science, is part of a series providing short summaries of some of the different good practice models and approaches taken to department level support for graduate teaching assistants (GTAs).

Computer Science created a specific named role of “tutor coordinator” (tutor is the term used for GTAs in the department). The original coordinator then set up and ran the following plan of activities:

  • Department induction – to cover department level specifics, working alongside the central TIPs course.
  • Regular meetings with all tutors – initially monthly, and well received by tutors, these meetings allowed for discussion and feedback on issues arising whilst teaching.
  • 1-2-1 support offered to tutors
  • Invite to departmental teaching workshops– these are open to all generally, but are part of including and encouraging tutors within the teaching community of the department.
  • Feedback collected from the tutors and ideas presented to the DLTQC

In order to ensure time is available for the above, in particular the regular meetings, the tutor coordinator role is being taken on by a member of staff who isn’t a DoS. Current work for the future is focused on feedback to the tutors, including observations.

If you would like more information, contact the Directors of Studies/Teaching in the department. Support for setting up or reviewing your own department’s support for GTAs, along with further information on the University level support and development and can be obtained from the Centre for Learning and Teaching (contact

Posted in: Case Studies