• Online Quizzes for formative and summative assessment?

    Dr Matteo De Tina, Director of Learning and Teaching in the Department of Economics at the University of Bath, discusses why and how he has explored the use of online multiple choice quizzes in the Moodle online environment for both formative and summative assessment. He looks at the experiences, strengths and problems encountered and the current future intentions and recommendations.

  • Developing randomised e-quizzes for flexible assessment

    The aim of this 2013-14 project was to generate large banks of applied numeracy Moodle questions to support the teaching of basic maths in Biochemistry and Chemistry. We employed and trained six students studying these subjects to create new randomised question banks in Moodle XML using PHP. Mathematical expressions were coded in LaTeX for MathJax, so that when displayed in Moodle, they would be fully accessible in all browsers, on small screens and can be magnified or read aloud if required.

  • Tickables: low-stakes assessment

    Prof James Davenport of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Bath discusses using frequent low-stakes pass/fail assessment in the build up to coursework to prepare students.

  • Weekly Moodle Quizzes

    Dr Mirella Di Lorenzo of the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Bath discusses how she uses time-limited weekly online quizzes to help provide feedback and motivate ongoing learning with large cohorts.