Student Voice

  • Using quick informal student feedback

    Dr Christopher Pudney, from the Department of Biology and Biochemistry at the University of Bath, discusses the benefits of using quick informal methods to gain student feedback for his teaching.

  • Mini-SSLCs

    In the Department of Computer Science, we introduced agile mini, stand-up meetings between the Director of Studies (DoS) and the student representatives. The idea is very simple: between SSLCs, separate short informal meetings are held with each year group’s student reps separately.

  • Academic representatives conference

    This 2013-14 project provided funding for a pilot, one day, conference style, training event for Student Academic Representatives across the University held in November 2013, in the newly opened Chancellors Building. The event combined enhanced training sessions to compliment the online training module, personal skills development activities and networking sessions to enhance the ‘informed student voice’.