Professor Marianne Ellis reflects on 50 years of chemical engineering at Bath

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In this series of blog posts celebrating our Department of Chemical Engineering's 50th anniversary, we asked previous Heads of Depts about their time at Bath. Here, Professor Marianne Ellis who was Head of Department from 2019-2022, answers our questions.

What is/was your favourite subject to teach?

Design projects – hands down the best part of engineering education!

Do you have a favourite spot at the University or in the Department?

Many, since I’ve been here since 1997.

  • The woodland walk is wonderful, and I have made good use of this over the years for running, alone time, and since covid walking meetings
  • The STV
  • The corner tables in the Claverton Rooms (when it used to be a staff canteen)
  • Polden Café was great when it briefly existed
  • More recently the Pavilion Café

Do you have any inspiring colleagues, lecturers, friends, or students you'd like to thank?

Julian Chaudhuri and Gary Hawley. Tina Düren and Amy Phillips.

If you could give your younger self a bit of advice now, what would it be?

It’s okay to be different and forge your own path – being an academic doesn’t mean fitting a single mould and success is not just about the number of papers and amount of money.

Posted in: 50 years of chemical engineering, Staff experiences