Bath University Interfaith Community

Bath University Interfaith Community empowers students & staff to engage in conversations between faiths which build religious literacy, appreciation & respect.

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  • Vacation Greetings

    The Bath University Interfaith Community is now in its second year. We continue to enjoy developing relationships and understanding. Shared meals and social time are the foundations for this work. In the last three months the role of this community...

  • Celebrating Diwali

    This month Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Newar Buddhists will be celebrating the feast of Diwali.  It is a great celebration, a time for family, for the exchanging of gifts, for dressing up and decorating homes.  A friend, reminiscing about his...

  • Student View: Interfaith Community

    University of Bath student Carol shares her experiences from the first year of the Bath University Interfaith Community. The Bath University Interfaith Community (BUIC) brings together students, staff, and local faith leaders to meet, discuss and share our experiences as...