Catrin Owen: My internship at the Institute for Policy Research (IPR)

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Catrin Owen is a recently completed undergraduate student in the Department of Economics at the University of Bath. She joined the Institute for Policy Research (IPR) as a research intern from June – September 2020.

As a project and research assistant for the Institute for Policy Research (IPR) I have learnt a great deal about the City of Bath. During my time as an intern I worked with Dr Charlie Larkin, Professor James Copestake and Mark Hepworth from The Good Economy (TGE), on the research project, ‘Build back better in Bath’. The main aim of the project was to examine how Bath can re-emerge as a fairer, greener and more resilient city, following COVID-19.

I have developed my skills in secondary data analysis, interviewing, editing and drafting reports. I have enjoyed the flexibility of the work and the interactions with the team and external stakeholders online.

It has been extremely rewarding and eye-opening to help contribute to such a relevant and timely report, that will hopefully be instrumental in stimulating the conversation for future prospects in the area, including establishing a role for the University of Bath.

I have fostered a good relationship with the IPR and the TGE, and established some great contacts in the process. I also received very positive engagement from local companies we liaised with throughout the research process.

As my internship comes to a close, I am looking forward to producing a final output to highlight our research findings, which will also be shared at a joint, online event in the autumn.

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Posted in: COVID-19, Economics, IPR internship


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