Advice about malware called XcodeGhost

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The media is reporting that many popular Apps for Apple iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) after Apple's App Store was infected with XcodeGhost malware in China. The BBC technology section has several articles about this.

Apple have said that they have removed the infected apps but you may still have them on your device.  We recommend that you:

  • Check your iOS device for any of the Apps and remove them unless they have been updated in the last week e.g. WeChat has been fixed
  • Change your Apple ID password and be wary of any suspicious emails or push notifications asking for personal information
  • If you have used your Apple ID password on any other accounts, you should change the password for those accounts, too.


You can find a list of the Apps affected on 

More general information

BBc news' take on the story

Background on the infection





Posted in: IT disruption