LCPU issues

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Update - 5 January 14:52. This issue should now be resolved.

There is an issue running GUI applications on LCPU when connecting from our Unidesk servers only ( not on LCPU itself).  Students have a coursework deadline of 5pm on Tuesday 05 January, 2016, which may require them to use Unidesk and LCPU.

Users are seeing an X related error when trying to launch any GUI application, but there is a workaround.


Once the user has logged into Unidesk, they then load LCPU via the Xming shortcut. At this point an Xlaunch Error message box appears, saying that there is an incorrect 'xlmns' attribute.

If you close this message box and then attempt to load a GUI application, the GUI application should open successfully.
If you leave the Xlaunch Error message box open and try to load a GUI application, it will fail to load and you will get an "unable to connect to forwarded X server" error.

Please use this workaround for the time being. We will continue to investigate the cause of the Xlaunch Error message and try to resolve it as soon as possible.


Many thanks for your understanding during this time.

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Posted in: IT disruption