Balena unavailable on 26th January 2016

Posted in: HPC

On Tuesday 26th January there will be a mandatory fire suppression test being carried out in the same room as the Balena HPC system. We need to treat this as a potential risk of power outage to the data centre and therefore we will need to place the entire cluster into a maintenance mode during this period. This means that the Balena cluster will not be available for service on the 26th January.

We will require all users will to log out of Balena before 07:00am on the 26th January. You will not need to dequeue any workloads already in the cluster, a maintenance reservation has been scheduled to prevent any workloads from running during this period.

We will be taking this opportunity to perform a couple disruptive tasks, such as performing a full headnode failover, to ensure the cluster is in full working order.

I shall send around a reminder about this next week. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Team HPC

Posted in: HPC