Students - beware of 'Grant' phishing emails

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Students have recently received phishing emails purporting to be from the University Finance Office. You should not click on the link within these emails.

Some of our students have reported they have received false emails pretending to be from the University Finance Office, advising them they are entitled to receive a financial grant. We have also had reports that some students who entered bank details and personal information have had money taken from their bank accounts.

  • If you have provided any financial (bank details or credit card details for example) or personal information in response to this email please contact your bank or card provider immediately to advise them that you have been the victim of a fraudulent email scam to obtain your financial details. They can take steps to protect you and your financial information. Do not wait to contact us before doing this.

Please  change the password on any accounts that you have signed up for using the email address that this phishing email was sent to.

These emails are fake and can be spotted as they have not been sent from a University of Bath email address.

The emails contain the following message:

Dear University Member,

Following the meeting by the university with the Government with regards to support for student  and staff research purposes, we are pleased to let you know that Study-Support fund has been awarded to the university by the government.

You qualify to receive the support/grant. To ensure that you receive your grant promptly, you are required to submit your details via the web link below.

Grant Information link

Please click on the link above or copy and paste it into your browser to submit your details.

You will be contacted via your registered address with the university on grant has been successfully processed.


Finance Department

University of Bath

You should not click on the link inside the message as this leads to an insecure website asking you to supply personal and banking information which could be used to carry out identity and financial theft.

What if I have submitted the form?

You must reset your password immediately if you are unsure of how to do this or you are unable to access the tool please visit the IT Service Desk on Level 2 of the Library for assistance.

You can also read the University of Bath phishing information, which gives further advice.

Posted in: Phishing, Scams, Security