Plain Packaging opposition

  • Imperial Tobacco criticised for pre-empting packaging laws

    On the 1st December 2012, plain packaging will be introduced in Australia. Cigarettes will be required to be sold in olive green packaging with large pictorial health warnings and brand names appearing in standardised font. Ahead of the legislation, Imperial Tobacco has changed the packaging of their Peter Stuyvesant brand to show a ripped branded pack exposing plain packaging underneath with the accompanying slogan “it’s what on the inside that counts”.

  • 500,000 against plain packaging? The figures just don’t add up.

    Plain packaging for cigarettes would require cigarettes to be sold in packets of a standard colour and shape with brand names written in a standardised font and pictorial health warnings covering a substantial proportion of the packet. The public consultation on plain packaging in the UK came to a close on the 10th August 2012. A few days later the Tobacco Manufacturer’s Association (TMA) publicised that ‘half a million oppose plain packaging .’ There are three significant issues with this figure:

  • Big Tobacco create retail group as a disguise

    Australian retailers group created to conceal origin of Big Tobacco’s opposition to plain packaging.

  • Plain packaging opposition in the UK

    A public consultation aimed to help the government gather evidence on the potential impacts of plain packaging ran between the 16th April 2012 and the 10th August 2012. In response to this consultation, the tobacco industry and its allies launched...