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Silicon: in fact made of atoms

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Sometimes, life can feel like you're stuck in the part of the training montage where nothing is going right. No matter how much you "wax on, wax off", the finish on Mr. Miyagi's car remains lacklustre. While Rocky Balboa can magically improve once the inspirational music gets to the chorus, we have to deal with, and learn from our mistakes in real time. This can be frustrating.

However, with enough time and perseverance, you can reach the end of the montage.


The Silicon lab is reopened.

(I hope)


Silicon Lab Bakeout / Safari

📥  Silicon Laboratory

As the building stage of the new Si lab chamber draws to a close, there is a final step - bakeout (info) - build an oven around your system and cook it for a few days. This process removes any water or pesky hydrocarbons inside the chamber.

As with anything in experimental physics, there are 2 ways of achieving bakeout: the expensive (or 'Graphene Centre') way, or the funny way.

And this is the most flattering angle.


Molecular switcher


📥  Press Clippings, Silicon Laboratory

Can you leave a molecular switch to its own devices? We expose the not-so-passive influence of a scanning tunnelling microscope tip on a molecular switch.

See: IOP for a summary

Movie made from a time lapse series of scanning tunnelling microscope (STM) images of a single poly-chlorinated-biphenyl (PCB) molecule switching between two stable states.

Full paper