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As the building stage of the new Si lab chamber draws to a close, there is a final step - bakeout (info) - build an oven around your system and cook it for a few days. This process removes any water or pesky hydrocarbons inside the chamber.

As with anything in experimental physics, there are 2 ways of achieving bakeout: the expensive (or 'Graphene Centre') way, or the funny way.

And this is the most flattering angle.

Posted in: Silicon Laboratory


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  • After the first bake the pressure was too high. So more drilling to get rid of virtual leaks. After the second bake Duncan found a tiny (4e-9) leak in an old gate-valve. Only £2k to replace, and many thanks Scanwel for super-fast delivery ( ). Now the pressures are all middle -10 torr. Not great, but at least we can now test the microscope and new Nanonis control system.