Moving forward in Partnership

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We were delighted to welcome 26 of our international representatives from 16 different countries onto campus for our first three day agent conference event at the close of November and were very pleased that the cold weather did not put you off! 

We very much consider our agents as our in-country partners and believe that the key to success rests with the strength of this relationship between yourselves and the University of Bath.

We hope that the conference demonstrated our commitment to developing these long term mutually- beneficial partnerships, ensuring you have all the information you need to best advise your staff and students, and that you feel properly supported by the University. In your feedback many of you cited it as an excellent opportunity to learn both about the institution and from each other.

A full review of the conference outcomes and objectives for 2010 will be included in the January newsletter to share with all of you so please look out for our first edition of the New Year.

In the interrim we felt that an update on the Application Tracker and how to access it would be the most beneficial information to share with all of you at this stage. This is particularly valuable for those of you who were unable to attend the conference so please read the information below very carefully.

I hope you will agree that this is an exciting time to be representing The University of Bath.

Wishing you all a wonderful winter vacaction,

With Very Best Wishes from the University of Bath International Office, Andy,Graham,Jo,Virginia and Zoe

Application Tracker

As you are aware The University of Bath recently launched a new facility called the Application Tracker, for all students, which started working on 23 November. This enables applicants to track the progress of their application to Bath, edit their address, and access useful links about the university. A postgraduate applicant will also be able to accept or decline their offer (once only) through this system, however undergraduate applicants must use the UCAS Track website to accept or decline their offer.

All letters (including offer letters) will be sent electronically into the Application Tracker along with Email messages to communicate important information.

How the system works

Shortly after receipt of an online application (2 days) an automated email will be sent out to the home and contact email addresses with a unique username and password which allows access to the Bath Application Tracker.

Every time a change is made to the application (acknowledgement of documentation, offer etc) an email will  be sent to the email address placed in the home and/or contact address provided on the online form to invite the applicant to log in and check their Bath Application Tracker.

Agent Access

Following valuable feedback from colleagues at the agent conference concerning access to the new Application Tracker system for agents we recommend that you follow the steps below to ensure that you have full access to your student’s application to Bath and can continue provide the excellent high level of customer service to all Bath applicants.

Please advise your staff and students to do the following:

  • Enter the agent’s EMAIL address in both email address boxes (both home and contact) when the application is made
  • Ensure that you have selected your agency name in the relevant drop down menu towards the end of the online application form
  • You, as the agent, will then receive an email message from us providing you with the prospective Bath student’s unique username and password to access the information on behalf of the applicant. Use the username and password to log into the system  and view their application record
  • Please share these details with the applicant, which will enable both you and the applicant to access this information as required
  • Here is an example of the screen you will seeApplication Tracker screen

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