Watts up with Chris Huhne?

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In the spirit of balance and fair-mindedness, I have been struggling for a week or so to find anyone with a good word to say about the lately departed Chris Huhne, but the web is full of direct and/or oblique abuse about either his appeal as a human being (limited, it seems), or his policies around energy and climate change (which many, of course do find admirable).

Newspapers tended to focus on both aspects.  A Matt cartoon in the Telegraph showed all the wind farms in the country coming to a standstill on Huhne's resignation – no more of that hot air, you see.  Sadly, I had to have that explained to me.

Climate change blogs, of course, just deal with the policy issues and many view Huhne in the negative.   Wattsupwiththat is a case in point, and is instructive if you're interested in what to teach about all this: wind farm policy and effectivenesss / keeping the lights on / bankruptcy / carbon taxes / ...  and the notion of balance.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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