ESD in HE – a supply or demand issue?

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How to "integrate ESD into disciplines" within HE seems a topical issue, at least amongst those who see "promoting ESD" as being important, as opposed, say, to changing curricula.  However, I think it's possibly (ie, probably) the wrong question.  I think I'd ask:

How can disciplines integrate a focus on sustainability into what they do?

I think these questions can be rephrasing as:

A – How [can we] integrate ESD into disciplines?

B – How can disciplines [themselves] develop an integral focus on sustainability?

Superficially, of course, A and B look the same, and the outcome may well be of the same form and structure, but they start from different positions, and, in the way that I have set them out here, the development force is differently placed:

In B, the locus of the activity is the discipline itself, and the process if one of absorption and assimilation, and the volition lies with those responsible for the discipline; it looks like an organic growth model.

In A, however, the volition seems to be external (those promoting ESD) and the process seems one of penetration; it resembles an infection model.

In other words, A takes ESD seriously (and sees this as a supply-side issue); B takes the discipline seriously (recognising that it's really a demand-side issue).  Both say they take the learner seriously, but this seems questionable.

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