A good word for Mr Gove

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Cynics might expect a post with this title to be blank, but not at all.  I met a man in a university coffee queue last week who was, whilst not overly-effusive, quietly grateful to Mr Gove and the DfE.  This was not just some ordinary bloke either; it was the University's Hebron & Medlock Professor of Information Technology who is as impressive as his title.  He told me that he appreciated the DfE's shifting of the school curriculum from ICT to [the much more rigorous] computer science.

All they have to do now is to pony-up some teachers who are qualified to do this – something the HMPIT told me the university was working on.  Double cheers, then.  I am pleased to be the bringer of glad tidings.

NB, the verb to "pony-up" is not one I habitually use, but it seems apt.  It derives from the Pony Express in the USA which, as all western movie fans will know, was used to convey precious cargoes from place to place, protecting them, if Hollywood is to be believed, from bad guys, and indians (ie, Native Americans), along the way.   Well, there are plenty of the former around these days (metaphorically speaking) to lure potential computer science teachers with mega salaries.  I wonder, then, who's riding shotgun ...

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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