Putting your salary where your values are

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The NUS, which is an organisation that clearly does much good, is fond of citing the following outcomes of their on-going survey * of student attitudes about HE and sustainable development:

  • Around two-thirds of students [say that they] would be willing to sacrifice £1000 from an average graduate starting salary to work for a company with a positive social and environmental record
  • Over two-fifths [say that they] would be willing to sacrifice £3000
  • Significantly more respondents [say that they] are willing to make a £3000 sacrifice from their starting salary for a specific role that contributes to positive social and environmental change.

This lunacy is seen by many as a measure of commitment and values.  Whilst shareholders are no doubt grateful, is this really any way to run an economy?  No wonder we have too many people with low incomes if these attitudes are prevalent.

Pardon my scepticism, but do you really believe all this?  As with all research, it's not what folk say they'll do that matters, it's what they do do.  And where's the evidence on that?

Note* This annual survey is carried out with the HEA and with Change Agents UK, and funded by the HEA

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