The People and Planet University League

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People & Planet will publish its latest University League in November this year. The rankings will include 150 UK universities that receive public funding and have degree awarding powers.  All such universities will automatically be included in the table.

  • 50% or more of the data will be taken directly from the Higher Education Statistics Agency's latest Estates Management Record - published on 11 May 2017.
  • 50% from information made public on the university website.

Reporting will be under these 13 headings:

1. Environmental Sustainability; Policy and Strategy
2. Human Resources for Sustainability
3. Environmental Auditing & Management Systems 2016
4. Ethical Investment 2016
5. Carbon Management
6. Workers Rights
7. Sustainable Food
8. Staff and Student Engagement
9. Education for Sustainable Development
10. Energy Sources 2016
11. Waste and Recycling
12. Carbon Reduction
13. Water Reduction

The data on section 9 comes from websites and so what gets reported depends on how well the institution flags it up – and how it is described.  Happily, P&P offers consultancies to universities to help them maximise their returns.  This isn't quite how P&P puts it.  They say ...

"... People & Planet offer consultancy to students, student unions, universities and colleges; this includes workshops/trainings as well as attending university staff meetings/sustainability events/ sustainability boards.  People & Planet work on the University League for 6 months of the year and during this period are able to provide support to universities in the form of a University League package - this might include data, artworks, media support or bespoke consultancy by phone and email.

So there's no excuse any more for coming bottom – no matter how bad you are at sustainability.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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