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Final thoughts – almost

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A few final thoughts from my trip to Germany:

  • The eastern part of Germany is full of wind farms, fine railway stations (Go to Leipzig!), and a lot of new roofs, but it feels empty
  • Germany’s social divisions have become regional.  The Economist says that there is now there's a north – south split as well as an east – west one, but, comparing Dresden and Bremen, the south of the east looks and feels better in many ways than the west of the north
  • Mrs M's writ is less powerful in the east where locals are happy to run red pedestrian lights: it must be that legacy of being told what to do all the time and how to think.
  • Their health service is clearly better than the NHS though not without issues.
  • German black pilsner (e.g. Köstritzer Schwarzbier) seems much superior to its Czech cousin.
  • It's odd to see huge ads on German streets glamourising smoking, and to realise that circuses still have 'wild' animals.
  • I'm wondering whether I shall ever buy a German car again.
  • I'm already looking forward to my next trip.

This was almost my last thought.  Tomorrow I'll round off this series of posts by returning to VW's cheating and its consequences.

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