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I hope Al G's new film, An Inconvenient Sequel: truth to power is better than the original.  I certainly trust that it doesn't contain as many errors as the first – errors that led a UK judge to force the DfE to issue guidance to schools which was very inconvenient for all concerned.  You'll recall (maybe – it was a long time ago in 2007) that the various UK governments had sent the film to all secondary schools in the country so that students could see it.

There seems little danger of that happening this time around, so maybe the high court won't be troubled.  I see, however, that reviews are beginning to circulate with some of Al's interpretation of data being challenged yet again.

I saw the first film and was underwhelmed, but it was before the Blog and I can't find what I wrote, although I remember finding it hectoring and too apocalyptic for my delicate tastes.  I've watched the new film's trailer and it does look like more of the same – with Al still jetting round the planet, giving stirring speeches and doling out moral instruction.  Where have all the flowers gone? came to mind.

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