Embedding sustainability into learning in Bath

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I see that the University of Bath is having what looks like a root 'n' branch review of curriculum.  It says:

"As part of our Education Strategy 2016-2021 we committed to transform our curricula and approaches to assessment, particularly where this will have rich and positive impacts, such as in our postgraduate taught programmes and in the first year of our undergraduate programmes."

In order to achieve this we are:

– Reviewing our curricula, programme structures, and modes of delivery, underpinning our approaches with high quality teaching and appropriate and sustainable resourcing.

– Seeking to diversify our forms of formative and summative assessment, whilst underpinning our approaches with a revised academic framework.

– Decoupling undergraduate and postgraduate learning and assessment.

All this includes sets of key principles and parameters.  One of the principles is this:

  • Embed the wider challenges of citizenship and sustainability into the learning experience of our students

Radical stuff, and not before time, of course.  Mind you, I think that for a lot of programmes this will be a question of the university theory catching up with academic practice.  Happily, I'm not involved.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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