Have you signed GEEP's pledge?

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Today's NAEE news round up reported on the Global Environmental Education Partnership's latest activities, including that GEEP has created a pledge for reinvigorating Environmental Education in the light of the sustainability challenges we face.  And we're asked to ACT NOW FOR EE and work toward three goals:

  1. Every nation has an environmentally informed, empowered, and active populace and workforce.
  2. The leadership of every government, business, NGO, and educational institution uses environmental education to achieve environmentally sustainable outcomes.
  3. Every educational institution incorporates environmental literacy into its mission, goals, and activities.
There's a pledge letter and we're asked to sign it to show we're endorsing the goals and committing to their achievement.  The website highlights 10 areas for action. GEEP says it will provide resources and support, including campaigns and activities, to help inspire action.  I've done so.

I am part-time member of GEEP, and made a vanishingly small contribution to all this.

It has been good to see the GEEP idea emerging and developing, and if you look at ACT NOW FOR EE you can see strong arguments to show how environmental education has an important role to play in the struggle to address the myriad problems we face.  There's a meeting of GEEP in the USA this week where the work will develop further.  More on this later on ...

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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