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1 – Lord King, the retired Bank of England governor has taught at New York University for the past few years.  I read that he was recently required to complete a questionnaire by the university's identity/diversity bureaucracy/polizei.

  •  One item asked about his gender and offered 7 possible responses
  • Another enquired of his sexuality, offering 15 possibilities

It won't be long, I guess, before those nice folk in the US immigration service will be required to do something similar.  That will be the time to give up going there.


2 – an extract from a debate on gender in the House of Commons on November 21st.

David T. C. Davies:

‘I hear what the hon. Lady is saying.  May I bluntly ask her whether she would be happy sharing a changing room with somebody who was born male and had a male body?’

Layla Moran:

‘I believe that women are women, so if that person was a trans woman, I absolutely would.  I just do not see the issue.  As for whether they have a beard, which was one of the hon. Gentleman’s earlier comments, I dare say that some women have beards. There are all sorts of reasons why our bodies react differently to hormones. There are many forms of the human body. I see someone in their soul and as a person.  I do not really care whether they have a male body.’

Ah, if only we all had the ability to see into everyone's soul.  How much simpler life would be.


3 – in Wool, an old Dorset village, the parish council has been approached by an animal rights outfit with the suggestion that it change its name to Vegan Wool as this would promote kindness to sheep and help stop the abuse that sheering inflicts on animals.  Residents were offered “cruelty-free” blankets (made from a mixture of hemp, coconut fibres, cotton, banana bark and bamboo) if they agreed.

The PC meets on December 17th but early signs are that they will resist the generous offer.  Rather inevitably, the name Wool has nothing to do with sheep as it is derived from the Saxon Wyllon in recognition of the large number of springs and streams in the area.  Still ...

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