Ofsted and (G)L/ESD/EE/CC(E)fS etc

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I see that Ofsted is encouraging consultation on proposed changes to its inspection framework.  I wondered whether to bother thinking about thinking about responding.

I decided not to.  I might have done so if I thought that Ofsted had any interest in (G)L/ESD/EE/CC(E)fS etc,.  But it seems to me that it still has a clear standards / equality of opportunity agenda.

Anyway, I think that, in Ofsted’s view, schools are not good schools because they focus on (G)L/ESD/EE/CC(E)fS etc.  Rather they think that such schools focus on (G)L/ESD/EE/CC(E)fS etc, because they are good schools.

I think so too.  In other words, the correlation is the opposite from that which (G)L/ESD/EE/CC(E)fS etc, advocates of all stripes wish (and worse, think) it to be.

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