Ofsted's Education Inspection Framework

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Despite what I said the other day, I've been reading Ofsted's Education Inspection Framework and a riveting read it is.  You might be surprised to hear that the words environment/environmental occur in it as many as 24 times; but you'll not be surprised to note that none of these refers to the problems in the biosphere caused by how we are living.  For the record, let me count the ways ...

  • home environment – twice
  • classroom environment
  • learning environment  – five times
  • create an environment – twice
  • language-rich environment – twice
  • empathetic environment
  • disciplined environment
  • rule-based environment
  • assisted by an environment
  • supportive environment
  • orderly environment
  • between the person and the environment
  • safe environment
  • working environment
  • an environmental condition
  • unfavourable environment
  • verbal environment

Then there's sustain/ed/ability/etc which get 4 mentions; again none of these relate to the world.

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  • Another clear exposée of the absence of big picture planetary awareness in those who exercise control. This despite reams of evidence all over the media and in academe of the urgency of our situation. Just one example of authoritative cries for immediate action on a global scale is the latest Club of Rome Climate Emergency Plan - http://case4all.org/%EF%BB%BFclub-of-rome-climate-emergency-plan