Is this why residential experiences for pupils are so popular?

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I’ve been reading The impact of residential experiences on pupil progress and attainment in year six (10 – 11 year olds) in England.  

This is a report on behalf of the Learning Away Consortium by Jane Dudman, Carrie Hodges and Chris Loynes.  It contains the following insight (pages 7 & 28):

"The model shows many similarities to the original theory of change developed from the Learning Away evidence.  It reinforces the Learning Away findings about the personal development that takes place during a residential.  A consistent model of effective practices emerges from the combined evidence of the interviews and the field notes.  The key inputs to the theory of change afforded by the residentials and identified by the staff in the interviews and also observed during the residentials [include] ... the community feel inculcated by eating, socialising, playing and sleeping together."

At last I begin to understand the strong appeal of residential experiences.  I bet you can't wait to read the rest.  You can download it here.

Posted in: Comment, New Publications


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