Getting back to normal

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Life is returning to what it was.  Not only have I started receiving unwanted cold phone calls again – trying to sell me stuff I don't want, or to scam me in inventive ways (solar panels  repairs / loft insulation / VISA account problems / computer failings / ...) – but email is once again delivering notifications of winnings, legacies and compensation.  A £195,000.00 GoogleAward one minute; $10,500,000.00 from a dodgy US bank the next, and then $4,000,000.00 via the UN a bit later.  I've decided not to consider anything under $100m.  So scammers be warned; time to up your offers.

On the upside, we have a booked a place in a pub for lunch.  Huzzar!

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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