4 East South: Project Newsletter - May 2015

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Progress to date

Main build

Work has progressed well over the past month and the team has taken advantage of the good weather.

  • Vertical elements such as columns and core walls have been completed on the West end of the building. Work to the East end of the building is also progressing well.
  • The concrete beams that will support concrete planks will be installed this month, this will form the second floor.
  • Detailed reviews have taken place to fine tune the logistics of the concrete plank installation. The concrete planks are¬†manufactured off site, which allows for quick installation on site. These materials are being delivered on site after the May Bank Holiday.
  • Design workshops continue to take place on a regular basis to discuss the internal and external elements of the building and how we can best achieve the many interfaces between finishes.
  • A new water main has been installed to replace part of the old main.


Progress in the coming period

  • Installation of the second floor will be completed in mid May.
  • Construction of the third floor will be in progress by the end of May.
  • Noise will continue at the same level as the past month.

Local sourcing

  • 80% of all staff on site live locally.
  • Bouygues UK are actively sourcing local¬†companies to use for the works.

Health & Safety

  • Zero injury accidents.
  • Visits from senior management continue to ensure the highest standards are met.

General queries can be addressed to estates-helpdesk@bath.ac.uk

Please also see Campus investments webpages and Estates webpages

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