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Manvers Street project update

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📥  Manvers Street

Level 1

  • Internal finishes have started on level 1 following the completion of the external tanking and waterproofing.
  • Dribuild and the supply chain are working hard to complete this area as soon as possible following delays encountered due to council restrictions.

Level 2

  • Works on Level 2 are progressing well with suspended ceilings and decorations ongoing

External Works

  • Window replacement works are almost complete - including plastering and decorations.
  • The lift shaft construction is complete and the new passenger lift is being installed.
  • The front courtyard waterproofing and tanking work is almost complete.

Access routes across the site are maintained for the UOB staff working on Level 4.

The access routes will be changed after Christmas when staff will be need to use the main entrance to enable work to the existing staff entrance and stairwell to be carried out.


18 Manvers Street project update


📥  Manvers Street

We are pleased to report that refurbishment works are progressing well:

  • Refurbishment works continue to progress well on Levels 1 and 2.
  • The structural steel frame for the new lift shaft to the Southern end of the building has been erected and masonry cladding starts next week
  • Level 1 ceiling and walls have been waterproofed with a specialist tanking system.  The floor has been screeded.
  • Level 2 new partitions have been built and plastered.
  • Alteration works have also commenced in Level 2 North wing.
  • Level 1 Inner Courtyard drainage works are now complete and backfilled.
  • Level 1 Inner Courtyard concrete slab reinstatement is ongoing.
  • Masonry wall construction is due to commence next Monday.
  • Alteration works to Levels 3&4 have now commenced.

Noise and dust levels are continually monitored, and as this phase of work is nearing completion the noise and dust levels will be reduced even further.

Please feel free to contact Dribuild Site Manager, Tom Young, on 07843 980398 with any queries.


18 Manvers Street project update


📥  Manvers Street

We are pleased to report that refurbishment works are progressing well:

  • The front forecourt hoarding has been constructed.
  • Level 1 drainage works are progressing well, and most of the concrete floor slab breaking out process has now been completed.
  • Piling works on Level 1 have also been successfully completed.
  • Demolition works have been completed on Level 2, so noise on this level will now decrease. Thank you to all occupants for their patience and understanding during this phase of the work.
  • The walls and ceilings have been grit blasted in preparation for the new tanking systems.
  • During the next phase of work, the noise and dust levels will be reduced.
  • Lines of communication between the Dribuild Site Management team and the Level 4 occupants remain open through radio contact, meetings and a noticeboard situated in the main stairwell.

We will continue to monitor noise and dust levels throughout the building in an attempt to keep disruption to a minimum. Access and escape routes will be provided throughout the project to ensure a safe working environment for the staff on Level 4.

Please feel free to contact Dribuild Site Manager, Tom Young on 07843 980398 should anyone have any concerns or queries.


Building for our future

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📥  10 West, 4 East South

Message from Diane Aderyn, Director of Finance & Commercial Services, as staff move into 10 West:

Dear colleagues

I wanted to give you an update on developments on and off campus in case you were unable to attend Let’s Talk.

Improving our infrastructure is central to our new strategy. We are creating modern, purpose built spaces from which we can increase the volume of our research, grow graduate student numbers, enhance the experience we offer undergraduate students and strengthen our global profile.

Claverton Campus

We have taken possession of 10 West and will start using the building this week.

This will provide state of the art facilities for the Department of Psychology and Institute for Policy Research (IPR) as well as offering study space for postgraduate students on its upper floors.

To the East, we will be moving into 4 East South in July. The main structure will house the Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering with a separate space providing the base for the University’s main computing data centre.

Between them, both buildings increase the space we have available on campus for research, learning and teaching by nearly 10 per cent.

To the South, the project to construct the Milner Centre building is progressing well. Planning consent was secured last month and we are close to appointing contractors, with work on site to start in August.

After Computer Services move into 4 East South, 2 South will be used to accommodate staff as other buildings are refurbished. The area will then be redeveloped to create a range of new science laboratories.

There are also plans for the North of campus that are being worked on as we speak.

City of Bath

In the City, we have received planning consent to transform 18 Manvers Street into a learning zone with office space for student-facing services. We are about to appoint contractors for the extensive redesign to create approximately 1,000m2 of study space and facilities. Together with the 10 West postgraduate facility, this adds 20 per cent more learning space to that offered by the University Library.

We have also put in place measures to accommodate more of our students. We have secured 354 spaces through agreements with five locations in the City and created three new posts to work with private sector landlords and further improve our accommodation enquiries and reception services.


You may also have seen the news that we have established a new presence in central London.

83 Pall Mall will provide a base for seminars and programmes from our School of Management, Institute for Policy Research and other departments. Its location will enable us to develop even closer links with national and international policymakers, partners and collaborators.

The recording of my talk is on the Let’s Talk webpages if you would like to see my presentation.

The building work you see happening around you is the physical evidence of the work that is going into developing our new strategy.

As the facilities come on stream, they will provide us with the platform to establish the University as an international leader in graduate education.