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  • Partial closure of Midland Bridge for 33 weeks from 22 Feb 2015

    Bath’s Midland Bridge is now partially closed for 33 weeks (from Sunday 22 February.) One lane will be closed throughout the works but if you're walking, you can still use the bridge. If you're driving eastwards towards the city centre you'll be diverted from...

  • Departmental Open Days

    Over the next few months we will welcome a large number of applicants to our campus to attend Departmental Open Days. The number of visitors will create substantial additional demand for parking in and around the campus every Wednesday in February,...

  • Parking changes due to building projects

    During planned building projects we want to keep you as up to date as possible with news on changes on campus. Car parking Construction of our new academic buildings, 10 West and 4 East South, has affected the number of...